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SpeedDial for iPad Support

SpeedDial for iPad Main
SpeedDial Contacts
SpeedDial Card

SpeedDial Cards are your favorite contacts with the the chosen phone number. This number's label is shown under the name of the contact (mobile, home, etc.)

When clicked on the contact, it performs the default dial action (Call, FaceTime or iMessage). Default action is changed from the top right section of the SpeedDial Window. 

Besides, you can select from the three options at the bottom of the SpeedDial card (Phone, Video and Message Icons)

SpeedDial Contacts

When long pressed on a speed dial contact, a context menu appears. This menu has 3 options

  • Remove From SpeedDial : It removes the contact from the SpeedDial List

  • Reorder: When selected, all speed dial contacts will start shake motion and by dragging the cards, you can reorder all items in the SpeedDial list. When done, press the "Done" button on top right corner of the window. 

  • Color Tag: When chosen, 6 different color options will appear. Choosing one will change the color bar at the bottom of the SpeedDial Card. It improves grouping of the SpeedDial list when there are many items.  

SpeedDial Contact Card

Contacts on the contact list are shown as cards with thumbnail and the name. If a contact is selected, the expanded contact card is displayed. This card shows, name, photo, job, and company info together with available phone numbers of that contact. From this card you can:

  • Add the contact to the SpeedDial List (Star icon)

  • Call, FaceTime or iMessage using the icons first, then the phone number

The selected action is shown with bold and larger​ icon. (Phone action is selected  for the card on the left. )

Adding a Contact to SpeedDial

You can add a contact to the SpeedDial List in two ways. 

Adding a Contact to SpeedDial
SpeedDial Long Press Add

Long press a contact and choose "Add to SpeedDial from the context menu. If the contact has more than one number, a phone number selection dialog will appear additionally. 

SpeedDial Add To SpeedDial

On the expanded contact card, press the star icon. If the contact has one number, it will add it to the SpeedDial List. If there are two or more numbers, a dialog with "Choose a number will appear. Choosing a number will add the contact with the chosen number.

Search and Call a Number

Use the search bar at the bottom of the window for searching a contact or calling a number

Search and Call a Number

Typing a few characters will already reduce the search list. Pressing a contact card will bring the expanded contact card view.

Typing a phone number will search for the phone numbers of the contacts as well as the phone number itself. To call the number itself, choose the card with no thumbnail. It will directly perform the default action selected on the top right corner. 


Pressing the gear icon on the top right corner will bring the settings window. 

SpeedDial Settings

FaceTime: Default FaceTime action is FaceTime Audio. You can select between Audio and Video. 

Sort By : When selected Given name, Searching will list the items first in given name. Similarly, choosing Family name, will sort the items by Family name first. 

Restore Purchases: If you upgraded SpeedDial to unlock all features but changed the device and your purchase is not active, you can press "Restore Purchases" to enable all features again. 

Upgrade / Upgraded: If not purchased the upgraded version, the Upgrade button will show the upgrade view. If upgraded, the button will indicate that you have enabled all features. 


Help: Will show this web page


Give feedback: Will open the contact page


Leave a review: It will open the rate the app page on the App Store.  

Unlocking All Features

On the free version of the app, you can add up to three SpeedDial contacts and add up to two color tags. If you upgrade you will be able to have:

  •  Unlimited SpeedDial Contacts

  •  More Color Tags

  •  Recent Contacts (Coming Soon)

  •  Sync with SpeedDial for Mac (Coming Soon)

The upgrade dialog will appear when you try to add more than three SpeedDial Contacts or add different color tag. 

Unlocking All Features
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