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Emojise for iPadOS Support

Main Window
Typical Flow
  • User finds the emoji by either

    • seeking from the categories​

    • or searching

  • Drags the emoji or emoji phrase into the app of interest​

Typical Flow
  • User selects an emoji by a single touch. 

  • When the user selects the emoji a copy field appears. 

  • If the user keeps selecting other emojis, selected emojis will be appended to the ones in the copy field.

  • The user then drags the copy field to the app of interest. If there are more than one emoji in the copy field, then it will be saved into phrases category so the user can use the emoji phrase again later on. 

  • Alternatively, the user can touch copy button. In this case, the emoji phrase will be saved into the clipboard. The user can paste the emoji phrase into any textfield. 

Creating Emoji Phrases
Creating Emoji Phrases
Long Press Menu

Long-press menu provides extra options for each emoji or emoji phrase. 

After long pressing on an emoji / emoji phrase, the menu appears. 

The copy option copies the emoji into the clipboard. 

Add to favorites / Remove from favorites option adds or removes the emoji from the Favorites category

Remove option appears when an emoji on Recently Used, Frequently used, or Phrases is selected. it removes the emoji from the corresponding category.

Long Press Menu

You can search for emojis using the search field. 

It will start displaying results after second letter. You can find the emoji you are looking for after a few letters. Touch bar items will update instantly too. 

More Info & Contact

You can download the app from App Store.

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For any more info and feedback, Contact 

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