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Simple Battery Monitor Support

Status Icons
Status Icons
  • Charging : Displayed when AC adaptor is plugged and battery is being charged.

  • Discharging : Displayed when on battery

  • Discharging Fast: Displayed when on battery and some apps are consuming too much power.

  • Battery is charged: Displayed when battery is charged

  • Low Battery: Displayed when on battery and charge level is below 5%. In addition, time and percentage indicator turns red when time remaining is less than 10 minutes. A notification is also displayed to grab attention of the user.

Time Remaining

Time indicator is not shown anymore in MacOS Sierra. Simple Battery Monitor shows both time remaining and charge percentage at the same time.

Time values may vary from values displayed in Activity Monitor. It is due to the fact that Simple Battery Monitor has its own remaining time computation and it adapts to your usage. It responds to high consumptions well and gives a better estimate of remaining charge time for the case those consuming apps continue to run. It is particularly useful for time planning if you have to run these apps when your computer is on battery.

Time indicator shows time remaining for both charging and discharging periods.

Sometimes time indicator shows "-:--". It  is shown when AC Adaptor is just plugged​

Time Remaining
Discharging Fast

When some apps start consuming too much power, battery icon with orange arrow is shown to warn user. This way, user can investigate demanding apps by launching "Activity Monitor" from status menu item in Simple Battery Monitor. In addition, time indicator starts showing remaining time in case these time consuming apps continue to run.

Discharge Fast
Cycle Count

It shows cycle count to give an idea about battery health. Typically, a battery with a cycle count less than 1000 is considered as battery with normal condition.

Cycle Count

By default, Simple Battery Monitor shows time remaining and charge percentage at the same time. You can disable showing percentage by unchecking "Show Percentage" from status menu.

You can enable "Launch At Login" to start Simple Battery Monitor automatically at login.

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