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SpeedDial 3 Support

SpeedDial Mode
SpeedDial Mode
Touch Bar Shot 2020-05-02 at

SpeedDial Mode is the default mode where you can call / FaceTime Audio / FaceTime Video / iMessage and WhatsApp to your Favorite Contacts. You can call a favorite contact by either

  • Clicking on the item (Fast-click mode)

  • Clicking on the phone icon next to the contact

  • Selecting the contact and pressing return

  • Tapping the corresponding icon in Touch Bar

  • Pressing the corresponding number key. 

You can FaceTime a favorite contact by either

  • Setting Fast-Click to FaceTime from Settings and clicking on the item

  • Clicking on the video icon next to the contact

  • Selecting the contact and pressing Command + Return

  • Choosing video icon on Touch Bar and tapping the corresponding icon in Touch Bar

  • Pressing Command + Corresponding number key

You can send an iMessage / WhatsApp to a favorite contact by either

  • Setting Fast-Click to message from Settings and clicking on the item

  • Clicking on the message icon next to the contact

  • Selecting the contact and pressing Option + Return

  • Choosing message icon on Touch Bar and tapping the corresponding icon in Touch Bar

  • Pressing Option + Corresponding number key

You can choose whichever fits you best. 

When you start a call or FaceTime, a dialog will appear by MacOS

This dialog is enforced by MacOS for security reasons but simply clicking on Call, starts conversation.


Hovering mouse over a contact displays recorded phone number of that contact in a tooltip.  

Search Mode

You can start search mode by pressing Space key or Search button on top-left corner of the window. When in search mode, you can search a contact in your addressbook and call / FaceTime / iMessage, one of his/her number (Provided that the contact has a phone number). In addition, by typing an arbitrary phone number in the search field you can call / FaceTime / iMessage that number too by selecting the first item in search results. 

Search Mode
Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 00.05.43.png
Touch Bar Shot 2020-05-02 at

When searching both contact list and touch bar items update simultaneously. Similar to SpeedDial mode you can call / FaceTime / iMessage a contact. When clicked a dialog showing phone numbers of that contact appears. Selecting one of the phone numbers perform call / iMessaging. 

Recent Contacts Mode

Recent Contacts mode keeps track of your 10 most recently communicated contacts from SpeedDial 3. Due to restrictions on macOS API, only the contacts that you reach from SpeedDial 3 are saved in recent contacts. Recent contacts are sorted on the order of last access time and the phone number you used for that contact is saved. 

You can reach recent contacts by clicking the search icon or pressing the space bar key. 

All functionalities work for recent contacts too. 

You can remove a recent contact by either dragging it to out of the SpeedDial window or from the right-click menu. 

You can also add a recent contact to the SpeedDial menu same as adding a contact. 

Recent Contacts
Recent Contacts Mode

When recent contacts appear, the Touch Bar also updates simultaneously. You can perform call and messaging from the Touch Bar too. 

Touch Bar Recent Contacts
Adding a new Contact
Add Contact
Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 00.12.22.png

When in search mode, hovering the mouse over thumbnail image of the contact displays a "+" sign. Clicking the "+" sign shows a list of available phone numbers of that contact. Choosing one, adds the contact with selected phone number to SpeedDial Contacts. 


Right-clicking a contact also displays a menu showing "Add to SpeedDial Contacts". Selecting that item also shows the list of phone numbers of that contact. 

Reordering & Removing Contacts
Manage Contacts

In SpeedDial Mode, You can drag a contact in the list to reorder. If you drag a contact out of window, it will remove the contact from SpeedDial list.  If you right-click on a SpeedDial Contact, a menu with "Remove" item will appear. Selecting, "Remove" item will remove the contact from SpeedDial list. 

Keyboard Hotkeys

Keyboard Hotkeys lets you open or close the app menubar window by pressing Cmd + Ctrl + s keys regardless of desktop or open apps. You can customize keyboard shortcut. 


In addition, when the window is open, with a single key from 1 to 9, you can call your first to ninth SpeedDial contact, respectively. Similarly, pressing Option + 1 to 9 will send iMessage / SMS to first to ninth SpeedDial contact respectively and pressing Command + 1 to 9 will FaceTime your first to ninth SpeedDial contact.


Space key will open search window in compact mode. 


In both SpeedDial and Search windows keyboard up and down keys navigate through contacts displayed on the window. 

When a contact is selected using keyboard up/down keys, pressing Return initiates the call and pressing Option + Return will initiate sending iMessage / SMS to that contact and Command + Return will initiate FaceTime that contact. 


Also in SpeedDial window typing quickly the name of the contact will automatically select that contact and again with Return and Option + Return keys, calls and iMessage / SMS sending will be initiated. Command + Return will initiate FaceTime. 

Keyboard Hotkeys
SpeedDial 3 Settings

Settings has following components:

  • Call History: Opens Facetime App to view call history

  • Messages: Opens Messages App to view your messages

  • Addressbook: Opens Contacts App to view contact details

  • Fast-click Activates: Clicking directly on SpeedDial Name or Thumbnail is called Fast-click. In submenu, you can choose, call, FaceTime or iMessage

  • FaceTime Call Type: Choosing FaceTime initiates FaceTime Audio by default. You can choose between Audio or Video calls.

  • Messaging Type: Choosing Message initiates iMessage or WhatsApp based on the messaging type you choose. 

  • WhatsApp Default Country Code: For phone numbers without a country code, SpeedDial 3 adds automatically the country code you enter here.

  • Launch At Startup: ​When enabled, SpeedDial app automatically launches on login.

  • Sort By Family Name: When searching, sorting by family name is performed if enabled.

  • Clear Recent Contacts: Removes all recents contacts. 

  • Disable Recent Contacts: When this option is checked, recent contacts will not show up and your recent contacts will not be saved.

  • Change Keyboard Shortcut: Displays a window where you can change keyboard shortcut.

  • Leave a review: Your feedback is invaluable for us. This setting launches Mac Appstore and and displays SpeedDial app page. You can enter a review and rate the app. 

  • Send Feedback: For any feedback, it directs to Contact page

  • Help: ​Opens this support page

  • Quit: ​Quits the app. 

Change Keyboard Shortcut Window

By clicking on the view next to "Set Shortcut" you can record a new keyboard shortcut.

Closing the window saves the new shortcut.

"Reset to Default" button resets the custom keyboard shortcut to Cmd +Ctrl + S

How to enable Continuity on Mac

To take full benefit of the app, please make sure that:

  • You have an iPhone with iOS 8.1 or later

  • Your Mac has at least OS X 10.11 installed

  • You have enabled “Calls from iPhone” in FaceTime Preferences.

  • You give permission to access contacts.


Please visit related Apple Support Page for detailed instructions. 


You can also see this informative video on how to configure your iPhone and Mac to enable Continuity

Enable Continuity
How to enable WhatsApp Desktop

SpeedDial 3 calls WhatsApp Desktop application to WhatsApp your contacts. To use WhatsApp feature:

  • Install WhatsApp Desktop from Mac App Store

  • Bind your WhatsApp account with the desktop application

If you have contacts with phone numbers without a country code, you can set a default country code from "WhatsApp Default Country Code" settings in the settings menu. 

Enable WhatsApp
More Info & Contact

You can download the app from Mac App Store.

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