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Emojise Support

Main Window
Typical Flow
  • User clicks on emoji or emoji phrases

  • Consequent clicks on multiple emojis creates emoji phrases

  • Selected emojis appear in Copy Field 

  • Copy Field is hidden by default. When an emoji is selected, it appears

  • Clicking on backspace button (or backspace key) removes the last emoji chosen

  • Clicking on backspace multiple times removes as many selected emojis

  • User clicks on Copy Button (Command + C) to copy selected emojis to clipboard

  • The user then pastes them to whatever text field he/she desires in any app. (It behaves like any other items in clipboard)

  • Copied emojis automatically appear in Recently Used, Frequently Used (if used frequent enough) and phrases (if multiple emojis present)

Typical Flow
  • Press keyboard shortcut (Control + Command + X by default) to open emojise window while typing your message

  • Double-click on emoji/phrase (it automatically copies it to the clipboard and returns back to your messaging app)

  • Paste (or Command + V) your emoji/phrase

Note: Automatic app switching is active in menu bar mode. 

Fast Flow
Fast Flow
Right-Click Menu

Right-clicking (Control + Click or Two-Finger Click on trackpad) on an emoji or emoji phrase displays right-click menu. Within this menu, you can add to / remove from Favorites, remove emoji / phrase from Recently Used, Frequently Used or Phrases, add / remove custom keyword for search.  


You can search for emojis using the search field. 

It will start displaying results after second letter. You can find the emoji you are looking for after a few letters. Touch bar items will update instantly too. 

Search also supports shortcode search. If you start with ":" character, it will search within shortcodes. 

Emojise also support custom keywords. To search within custom keywords, start search with "/" character. 

Tip: You can use custom keyword search as your secondary Favorites list. When you type "/" in search field. It will display all of your custom keyword assigned emojis and phrases. 

Touch Bar

Emojise has Touch Bar support. With Touch Bar you can select category and tone variations from category button, select emojis to put in Copy Field. 

When searching, Touch Bar items will update instantly, so you can select an emoji easily. 

In addition, Emojise has Touch-Bar-Only Mode. When enabled, activating the app with keyboard shortcut will not display Emojise window and only Touch Bar items will appear. If you select an emoji or phrase from Touch Bar, they will be automatically copied to clipboard.  

Touch Bar

Settings menu has following options:

  • Launch at Startup: You can enable to launch the app on every login

  • Operation Mode: You can select among "Menubar", "Dock", or "Both". 

    • When in Menubar Mode

      • Only an icon in menu bar appears. 

      • The app does not appear in Command + Tab Cycle or in Dock. 

      • Touch-Bar-Only Mode and Show Copy Notifications options become selectable in this mode. 

      • Tip: Menubar mode has distinct advantages of storing previously active app. This way for example, if you are in notes app writing a note and activate Emojise after copying the emoji, notes app becomes active automatically and you can just paste the emoji.

    • When in Dock Mode

      • Menubar icon does not appear

      • App appears in Command + Tab Cycle and in Dock

      • App Window also participate in Full Screen and Split Screen

    • When in Both Mode

      • Menubar icon appears 

      • App appears in Command + Tab Cycle and in Dock

      • App Window also participate in Full Screen and Split Screen

      • It does not store previously active app.

  • Touch-Bar-Only Mode: It becomes selectable in Menubar Mode. When enabled, activating the app with keyboard shortcut does not display Emojise Window. Only items on Touch Bar appear. It is preferable particularly when you frequently use your Favorite, Frequently Used and Recently Used Emojis and Phrases. When in this mode, after activated, pressing "Space" key or "Command + F" displays the Emojise window again. 


  • Show Copy Notifications: When in Menubar mode, the app stores previously active app and when you copy an emoji or phrase, it automatically activates that previous app to facilitate Paste operations. To indicate copy operation, a notification appears with copied emojis. This option enables/disables these notifications. 

  • Reset to Factory Settings: It removes all Favorites, Frequently Used, Recently Used Emojis, Phrases and Custom Keywords. It also reverts settings to default ones. 

  • Keyboard Shortcut: You can change keyboard shortcut to your desired one. Keyboard shortcut lets you reach Emojise whenever you want. 


  • Reset to Default: Reset Keyboard shortcut to Ctrl + Command + X again. 


  • Rate Emojiser: Your reviews are invaluable for us. Please make a review and share in Mac App Store.


  • Help: Opens this page

  • Quit: Quit the app

More Info & Contact

You can download the app from Mac App Store.

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For any more info and feedback, Contact 

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