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Developing Penjo:A Digital Journaling and Planner App for iPad

Today, I would like to introduce Penjo, a digital journal and planner I've designed specifically for iPad users. Aiming to strike a balance between the tactile comfort of pen-and-paper journaling and the practicality of digital tools, Penjo serves as an all-in-one platform for note-taking, journaling, and daily planning.

Penjo's features include dynamic daily sheets, drawable month views for habit tracking, and a variety of input methods. With Penjo, you can jot down notes, sketch ideas, insert images, or create shapes - the possibilities are as diverse as your thoughts.

A unique feature I've included in Penjo is the 'Shift Canvas' function, allowing you to reposition content and collapse unnecessary space on the canvas for a cleaner, more personalized journal layout.

In terms of accessibility, Penjo supports iCloud syncing across devices and integrates with Apple Calendar. The app's design is centered around an agenda-based layout to streamline planning and task-tracking.

One of Penjo's notable features is the ability to hand-mark habits on a monthly view, providing a visual representation of your progress and promoting a deeper connection to your personal growth journey.

As Penjo continues to evolve, I'm eager to add more user-centric features. Planned enhancements include handwriting recognition, iPhone app support, tags and search functionality, and decorative stickers.

I invite you to explore Penjo by downloading it from the App Store, here. Your insights and feedback are highly valued and play a significant role in shaping the future of Penjo.

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